Schertz Magazine - January & February Issue

I thought it would only be fitting for the first official blog post on the redesign of my website to feature photographs taken and published for a city that I've come to love. Upon my father retiring from the Military there was never one location in particular I could comfortably call home with the knowledge of knowing there was a possibility of moving again was pretty high. Schertz became my home in 2005 and since then I've had the pleasure of graduating from high school, starting a business, and building great business & personal relationships within the community.

Living here for about 12 years now I've seen many changes and updates in local developments that has greatly enhanced the quality of life for the residences that reside here. One welcome new addition to the city is the Schertz Aquatics Center. Due to the partnership of the YMCA of Greater San Antonio, SCUCISD, and the City of Schertz, we now have a community facility that can house local swimming competitions for area high schools while also serving as a place of recreation for the community.

Above and to the left is my first cover of 2017. The January issue featured the Robert & Glenda Lehnhoff Stadium which was formally known as the Clemens Stadium. The rename was to honor Lehnhoff's tenure of 23 years in athletics with the city.  The current February cover features a local collegiate swimmer swimming in our newly built Aquatics & Recreation Center. Overall, it's always a fun experience being hired by the City of Schertz. I get the pleasure of not only meeting great people who play a role in our community but I also get to photograph them as well!